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Donation List

Date  Name  Mobile  Email  Detail 
22/11/2013  mataji ni pahedi  axxxxx  99999999  there is will be samuh pahedi for ambe mataji those who aer intrested can call on 9999999999 for ticket and other details 
01/01/2014  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  president  999999999999  Dear frnds, AGM of godhara will be held on 15/01/2014 
21/03/2016  test  test  test@test.com  test 
13/11/2017  shailesh  mota  shaileshmota@rediffmail.com  askldasl; fl;sa asdlj l;asdj l;asdj lasd; jasdl; jsdl;a jlasd;j sdl;j sdl; jasdl; jsdl; jasdl; jasdl; jsdl;fj asdl;f jasdl;fj sdl; sdl;j asdl;fj asdl;j sdl;j asdl; jasdl;j l;jl;askjf asdlkasfhasdklfjhasdklfjasd asdklfhasdklfhasdf asdfjhasdklfh asklhsdklfh asdkl asdklf  
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